Brad Winslow

Brad Winslow grew up in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, but by the time he graduated from high school, he was living in St Petersburg, Florida. He began working during his senior year, getting a job as a busboy at a dinner theater. He enjoyed the hard work, and applied himself to finding the most efficient ways of accomplishing his tasks, impressing his bosses. He quickly advanced to head busboy, and eventually rose first to assistant manager of the restaurant, then full manager, and eventually regional supervisor. His professional life was already going so well that he chose to prioritize it over further education, withdrawing from college without earning a degree. In time, after discovering a love of computer programming, he switched careers and began working in information technology.

Winslow compares the federal government to a business, with the American people as its owners. He is frustrated with his perception that politicians from both major political parties always seem to win office by drawing on the support of the monied elite, to whom they are then exclusively beholden during their term, without regard for the majority of the population – their real “bosses”. He worries that elected officials do not feel accountable to the owners of the government, and strongly believes that they should. To this end, the primary legislative focus of his striven-for presidency, the promotion, selling and explanation of which he calls his “goal in life itself”, is the passing of a constitutional amendment he calls the “Public House Amendment”.

Winslow proposes the creation of a new chamber of government, the Public House, to be staffed entirely by unpaid or modestly paid volunteers, and whose purpose would be popular oversight of elected politicians. The Public House would decide upon and establish “goals” that the people expect the government – their managerial employees – to accomplish within a given time frame. Failure to meet these goals would result in escalating warnings, with direct consequences up to and including premature removal from office. The Public House would also have the power to veto congressional legislation, if it is deemed to unfairly favor a segment of the population or not be in the best interests of the American People.

Winslow’s focus on the promotion and advancement of the Public House Amendment is so intense that, when discussing his plans should he become President, he scarcely speaks of anything else. This makes it difficult to evaluate the balance of his political positions and policy objectives. Nevertheless, he has considered his constitutional plans thoroughly. And while he admits his campaign for the White House takes place “against the odds”, he proudly sells himself as a man of the people rather than a career politician – Winslow considers it among his qualifications for the job that he has only been to Washington, D.C. once, during a school field trip.

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