Jeff Boss

Jeff Boss lives in Richfield Park, New Jersey, in a home that he believes has been compromised. He holds a number of highly cynical opinions regarding the federal government, and in particular the National Security Agency, the latter of which he says orchestrated the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This belief qualifies Boss as a “Truther”, a member of an informal group that believes the US government is directly responsible for 9/11.

Boss takes every available opportunity to denounce the NSA and inform the public that he has evidence proving their involvement in the September 11th attacks, including DVD recordings and affidavits from over 500 people in the know admitting that the NSA paid them $20,000 for their silence. Because of his campaign to expose the truth, Boss believes that the NSA is making daily attempts on his life, and that it has bugged his home and altered his plumbing to poison the water supply. The seven people living closest to him are all NSA agents, he says, and are monitoring him. He also believes that the NSA controls the media in order to prevent his message from being heard, that it has covered up misdeeds in George W Bush’s past (and is also trying to kill Boss for revealing that, as well), and that it intercepts and tampers with his telephone calls so that some people believe they have had phone conversations with him when in fact it was not him at all.

Seeking the Democratic nomination for 2016, Boss veers left of center on most issues. He supports a $15.00 minimum wage, free higher education (up to and including doctorate degrees) for all who desire it, and $400 flat rate for automobile insurance guaranteed by the state. He calls for “equal rights for everyone”, and favors legalized marijuana. Showing some conservative tendencies, however, he opposes any and all federal taxation of federal workers and state taxation of city and state workers, and supports gun rights.

Boss’ policy positions may be appealing to many of the more liberal Democrats whose nomination he seeks, minus his opposition to gun control. However, his deeply held beliefs concerning the NSA’s activities against him risk alienating the vast majority of people who read his literature, and while he may find a devoted following due to the nature of his views, it is unlikely that he will win a large one.

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