Morrison Bonpasse

Morrison Bonpasse grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts, where he completed basic education at Phillips Academy, Andover, and later attended Yale University. He graduated from Boston University Law School to become a lawyer, and also holds degrees as a public administrator and in business. He now resides in Newcastle, Maine, with his wife.

Bonpasse is extremely concerned and passionate about the plight of wrongfully convicted persons in the American prison system. He founded and runs Bonpasse Exoneration Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the investigation of all claims of wrongful conviction and the release of those who have been jailed in error. Though he is especially vociferous about three people in particular – Thomas Shay, Alfred Trenkler, and Chad Evan – he champions the cause without prejudice. As an author, he has even written books on this issue.

Globally-minded, Bonpasse worries over environmental issues. He is concerned about unsustainable population growth, advocating for the United States to support unspecified measures to lower the worldwide birth rate to match the rate of death, resulting in zero net growth, and he discusses climate change as another problem to be addressed. He also champions the notion of a single global currency, and believes the United States should voluntarily phase out the American dollar in its favor, believing that such a move would bring stability to global finances and ultimately save money.

Bonpasse is generally leftist in his domestic policies, as well. He supports women’s rights to abortion, is in favor of the Affordable Care Act as an important step to guaranteeing that all people have access to healthcare, and believes that gender identity and sexual orientation should be added to the list of protected classes against which the government may not discriminate. He believes in the abolition of capital punishment, and supports the legalization of recreational drug use. In addition to his previously discussed work to free the wrongfully convicted, he also advocates for reducing imprisonment generally, via the elimination of mandatory prison sentences and the restriction of prison time only to violent criminals.

A community-minded fellow who seems concerned about humanity in general, Bonpasse’s sober rhetoric may strike many Americans as insufficiently patriotic. Many, however, especially on the political left, will find resonance with his positions and consider his ideas responsible and logical.

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